Top 10 Office Gadgets

Working something or many times by yourself requires utmost discipline, but also the ability to have some fun. When you have gadgets that are business/ work related, it might make you feel less guilty if you find yourself ‘messing’ around.

Here my top 10 office gadgets that I feel all offices should have:


10. Rest your feet. Even when you are sitting all day, it must be good to swing your feet once a while on this awesome feet hammock. 



9. Ok so how many cups of tea/ coffee or any hot drink do you make a day. I make plenty. Sometimes you might just get a phone call and by the time you get back to your drink its cold. This will save you time. No more getting up and putting the kettle back on. Just don’t spill it on your key board.



8. For all your USB joy, the USB Monster Hub. Everything needs a plug, this will supply it.



7. If you are a coffee drinker, then a coffee machine is a must. Placing it strategically near your desk allows for quick access. Depending on the brand, they need not to be expensive.



6. A mini desk vacuum cleaner. A must have especially when you do not have cleaners. Quick easy and clean.


5. Adjust the air quality in your office with an USB humidifier. Plug it into the USB monster Hub cause I have a feeling there is more USB devices coming up.


4. The Stress buster. Have it ready to take out any frustrations on it. 


3. If you are always misplacing your office supplies, this is a great equipment to have. Its design can also compliment your office. Though you might find many other designs out there. Keep your desk organised.


2. We are always making notes everywhere and sometimes we neglect to do the most important thing of the day. These post it around your wrist will definitely remind you. 



1. All time No. 1 for me is having any other living thing with you in the office, especially when you work on your own. Fish or plant or in this case a combo of both. Please note, that fish can be distracting.