Shopping At is an online retailer that bypasses resellers and sell us beautifully crafted designs directly from the makers.
This allows for great savings on luxury feeling items. For this reason we could not Not make a Top 10 list of items that we feel would look great in a modern Office, suiting all your needs.

At 10:
Haywood office swivel chair.
If this chair starts at 10, I cant wait to see what is next. This chair makes you journey back in time to your young days, while during that time these designs did not catch your eyes, they are very appealing for todays aesthetics.
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Camber desk


A very clean and modern design this desk really calms the room down but attracts attention for its striking design.
This is what stated on this design:”It’s built with a lacquered solid oak top and solid oak legs. And for uneven wooden floors, it has adjustable fittings at the feet.”
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Esme wall desk

5b59dfe70a23e3328566fca14f298beaPerfect for the home office or the tiny workspace. A clean solid design displaying good craft man-ship. stating:”Made by a family-run manufacturer, who are experts on making smooth curves. They’ve got bending plywood sheets and adding an ash veneer down to a fine art.”
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7.Griddesk_04 Grid desk

Definitly not for the faint hearted and conventional office your grid desk is flexible, design focus and user friendly. Offering you a ‘custom’ furniture to design and change according to your needs.
At they stated: “You can adjust the tabletop to your height, rebuild it for a left or right-handed user… even change it into a storage unit or kitchen island. It has multiple functions, which makes it super handy for small spaces.”
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Chicago Tripod Floor lamp

ch2A centre point of design in any waiting room, reception or consultation room. This eye catching design brings mood and design into your space. Available in different colours to suit your colour palette.”The bulb faces inwards and reflects off the brass foil lining the shade, creating a broad and warm illuminating effect.”
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Sense Touch free bin


Often under estimated, a bin’s design can blend in and be part of your design concept for your office. This is a stylish no touching bin.”In non-corrosive iron with a smooth finish that’s easy to clean, plus a matching lid. Has a removable inner bucket – standard bin bags.”
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Starkey Table lamp

Another beautiful addition to your office decor. This simple yet stylish industry look adding the clutter free feeling to your desk. describes it as: “The slender rectangular base will sit elegantly on any desk or bedside table. The bulb and base are aligned so it’s high impact without taking up too much space.”
Find the designs in different colours here.

Polygon Shelves

The polygon shelves are a special addition to any space. It’s shapes deviates from the traditional square and rectangular bookshelves. It comes in white, grey, ash and walnut. states: “The retro design immediately grabs your attention. If you’re looking to make a statement with your storage, this is for you.”
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Piggy Bag
Piggy-Bag-Bean-Bag-Made.com_If you want to move away from conventional and want to create an alternative, non formal area to have meetings or share working places in your office this is a fun way to go about it. Many colours and print available. about the product:”Made for relaxing, this moulds to fit your body shape for genuine comfort.”
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All time nr. 1:
Hailey Swivel chair. 

A beautiful mix of materials and colours. explain their design:”Inspired by classic mid-century design, this striking 1960s-esque swivel chair will give your workspace an instant edge.”
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